Thursday, May 28, 2009

Family Dog Shot Dead by Neighbor in Own Back Yard!

PA. - A Terrible CRIME has been committed! - Please send letters to the officer and State Police in this area!

Very Disturbing News and your support is GREATLY Needed!

"Kiera" was a beautiful German Shepard and she was one of my customers. She was one of the sweetest most lovable creatures GOD ever created. AND "Kiera" was shot and killed by her owners neighbor.

"Kiera" belonged to Marianne Zelonis, and she lived the next town over from me. The neighbor who killed this beautiful dog, let his dog run loose through the neighborhood on a regular basis. "Kiera" was walked on a leash, and stayed in her fenced in yard. The neighbors dog had the habit of getting into Marianne's yard, and "Kiera" would attempt to go after this dog invading her space. The neighbor would constantly fight with Marianne over this, and Marianne would always say, STOP LETTING YOUR DOG RUN LOOSE THROUGH THE NEIGHBORHOOD!!! But, they never did, they continued to antagonize this family AND "Kiera."

The day that "Kiera" was killed, the neighbor claimed that he "shot her because he was attacking his dog" But, one of the neighbors saw the whole thing, and that wasn't true!

We need this man prosecuted for what he did to this Dog! The police made him surrender his gun and permit the day he killed "Kiera", but that's NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

We need to make sure that this dog murderer Arthur Menichinni, III is prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Please take the time to write a letter to the Officer that is investigating this crime..... Tell him your feelings about this man, and how he should be punished!

Send your letters of support for "Kiera" and "Marianne"
Officer Leonard Trotta
Pittston Township Police Department
421 Broad Street
Pittston Township, PA 18640

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