Friday, April 29, 2011

DESPERATE for RESCUE transport help in Knoxville,Tn.

From: quincey simmons [mailto: ]

Subject: DESPERATE for transport help in Knoxville

Hi All

I have really had a TERRIBLE time filling transports recently. The problem is always the same: no one to drive or overnight through Knoxville. I am on the verge of cancelling yet another NC-IN transport. I am also thinking that I am going to have to quit pulling from NC. I hate to do this as I have long pulled from NC but the cancelled transports mean that I end up spending a FORTUNE in boarding fees and I just can't afford to do that anyone.

Here is my current run. If ANYONE knows ANYONE in and around the unfilled legs (Charlotte NC, Knoxville TN, Indy, IN) please let them know about this run.

Please please please!!!!!


PLEASE CROSSPOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

C'mon KNOXVILLE!!!! We need 2 legs and and overnight in your area!!!!

I have not has a lot of luck filling transports recently. As you all know, this makes it very hard to do rescue work. It is such a shame when you have a great rescue offer and no way to get the very deserving dog there. Please help me break my streak of unfilled transports!!! This one is for 2 lovely labbies. These sweet dogs were both pulled from the shelter only moments before their time was up. If we can get them to Adopt A Lab then they will be in forever homes before they know it! I would love to see these 2 running after balls in their own backyards and enjoying the summer swimming and sunning in homes of their own. Please help make a doggie dream come true!!

Sending Rescuer (Coal):

Volunteer contact: Mary Thomas

Sending rescuer (Laurie):

Volunteer contact: Dorsey Patrick

Receiving Rescue

Adopt A Lab

Rescue contact: Quincey Simmons or Patty Strayer


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE drive a leg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Passenger# 1

NAME: Laurie

BREED: 1-2 yr old yellowlab

SEX: female

SIZE/WEIGHT: Approx. 55lbs

SPAY/NEUTERED: to be done in rescue









ITEMS PROVIDED: collar, vet records


Passenger# 2

NAME: Coal

BREED: 1-2 yr old black lab

SEX: male

SIZE/WEIGHT: Approx. 55lbs

SPAY/NEUTERED: to be done in rescue









ITEMS PROVIDED: collar, vet records


The Run:

Saturday 4/30

Leg 1

Fairmont NC to Laurinsburg NC

40 miles 1hr

8:00-9:00AM.................Filled! Thanks Thanks Lou!!

Leg 2

Laurinsburg NC to Wadesboro NC

50 miles 1 hr

9:15-10:15AM......................NEEDED! Filled!! Thanks Chris!

Leg 3

Wadesboro NC to Charlotte NC

52 miles 1hr 15 mins


Leg 4

Charlotte NC to Spartanburg SC

70 miles 1 hr

12:00 NOON-1:00PM................Filled!! Thanks Sharon!!

Leg 5

Spartanburg SC-Asheville NC

60 miles 1hr

1:15PM-2:15PM.................Filled!! Thanks Sharon!!

Leg 6

Ashveille NC-Newport TN

70 miles 1hr 15 mins

2:30-3:45PM.........Filled! Thanks Herb!!!

Leg 7

Newport TN-Knoxville TN

55 miles 1 hour


OVERNIGHT in KNOXVILLE...........................NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday May 1

Leg 8

Knoxville to Williamsburg KY

70 miles 1 hour 10 mins


Leg 9

Williamsburg KY to Richmond KY

75 miles 1 hour 20 mins

9:25AM-10:45 AM.......FIlled! Thanks Jamie!

Leg 10

Richmond KY to Frankfort KY

55 miles 1 hour

11:00AM-NOON....................Filled!! Thanks Kay!!

Leg 11

Frankfort KY to Louisville KY

55 miles 1 hour

12:15PM-1:15PM........Filled! Thanks Kay!!

Leg 12

Louisville KY to Seymour IN

55 miles 1 hour

1:30PM-2:30PM......Filled! Thanks Joanne!

Leg 13

Seymour IN to Indianapolis IN

60 miles 1hr

2:45PM-3:45PM.......Filled! Thanks Joanne!

Leg 14

Indy IN to Muncie IN

60 miles 1hr


Rescue to pick up in Muncie

Friday, April 22, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hidden View Farm - Animal Cruelty - Seward, NY


Dear Mayor Borst, Supervisor Barbic, and DA Sacket,

I am writing to make you aware of an atrocious situation occurring in the town of Seward. As I write this, animals on an abandoned farm are suffering and dying.

A local woman has been trying to help them to no avail. It seems that no one will step up and help these dying animals even though this is in clear violation of the Agricultural and Marketing laws.

I do not currently have an address, but the name of the farm is HIDDEN VIEW FARM in Seward. The woman who is trying to help, Joyce Urban, may be reached at: Here is an excerpt from the e-mail I received desperately seeking help for the animals:

"The owners have only been told to "clean up the bodies within three days." There are still animals there, starving, pregnant, malnourished, likely unvetted and DYING! This includes pigs, cows, sheep, birds, horses, cats and dogs! PLEASE HELP! Before it's too late for the ones still alive"

I would appreciate a response and look forward to hearing that you have immediately intervened on behalf of these innocent animals in order to obtain the necessary veterinary and rescue help needed to assist those still living, and that you will be prosecuting the parties responsible for the abuse and neglect of these sentient beings.


Teresa Vecere

Saturday, April 16, 2011

More States Create Anti-Whistleblower Bills

Here we go again! If you thought the recent legislation to criminalize those who film or photograph farm activity in states like Florida and Iowa is coincidental, it’s not. Similar bills are in process in Idaho and Minnesota, and other states are considering legislative action as well. Giant corporations like Monsanto are throwing money behind the Iowa version and possibly more in order further secure their “crop operations.” Minnesota is at least the fourth state to introduce anti-whistleblower legislation. They got it from Iowa who got it from Florida. In the Minnesota bill, even just possessing undercover documentation of farm operations would be illegal. How they can enforce a law like that without invading people’s privacy, I do not know. These bills threaten to punish anyone who dares to highlight questionable behavior towards animals, seed and produce, sanitation and employees. “We think it would be an important deterrent tool in our toolbox against trespassers,” says Daryn McBeth, president of the Minnesota Agri-Growth Council. People, there are already strict trespassing and theft laws. Big Ag has all the legal recourse needed to sue or punish those who obtain footage of their operations, so why don’t they? Can you imagine dragging an activist into court and saying to the judge, “Look, he found out we were throwing live chickens into a grinder and put it on the internet. This violates my intellectual property rights!” No, their solution to the bad PR is slapping the whistleblowers with a major felony and throwing them in a cage with rapists, murders, and armed robbers. So they make the act of discovery into a crime to preclude such discoveries instead of accounting for their crimes, which, by the way, they believe to be perfectly acceptable industry standards. Since when is crying foul on criminal behavior like animal abuse and breaking regulations considered a crime? Any law that imprisons you by superceding your constitutional rights is null and void. But that isn’t going to touch Mr. Policeman when you explain as he hauls you away. Laws are laws, intentions are irrelevant to a judge. That’s what makes them so dangerous to your rights. You may think it only applies to those overzealous “tree hugger” types, but no, it means you too! Ironically, citizens are considered heroic when they turn in their neighbor or call in an anonymous tip to stop criminal behavior and abuse. Yes, even animal abuse! But boy, if you actually gather substantial evidence in a Big Ag operation and show the public when officials won’t listen – you go to prison for a long, long time. These bills remove the pea from the whistle should you witness something vile, whereas before you at least had the recourse of sharing with others. This encourages more abominable behavior; with more cover up, such actions are sanctioned, and the perpetrators can rest easy knowing the whistleblowers are silenced in prison. When USDA backed Big Ag operations are in violation of current standards, how do we know? Who cares – the USDA? Whistleblowers are often the only window for the public, and when embarrassing information is released, it often leads to raised standards. On a smaller scale, it works with the restaurant industry. Get an embarrassing (public) write up about cockroach infestations and suddenly the kitchen is overhauled, no expense is spared, and sanitation thrives in order to reassure those paying customers who like a fresh clean salad, hold the mouse poop. When these bills first arrived on the scene there was a lot of backlash, but our concern is that with more and more cropping up and some scaling back punishment, they will be more readily accepted by the public. Some reporters called the scale backs, “more reasonable.” Why? First amendment rights are still going in the grinder, citizens will still go to prison. The running theme here is force, force, force even if it’s currently undetectable. Forceful legislation from senators, funds from Big Ag and Monsanto to strengthen the force, the force of multiple states following suit, force from the ensuing law enforcement – force of slamming the door on the face of public scrutiny. It’s going to be increasingly difficult to catch these viral bills, inform others, and take action when they keep rearing their ugly heads like a nationwide game of whack-a-mole. But with such replicated force, much like a virus, you can see it is more important than ever to do something. States & Bill Numbers: Florida, SB1246 (Health Freedoms petition coming soon) Iowa HF431 Minnesota, S.F. No. 1118 Idaho HB166 *Part of their Right To Farm laws, this one would preclude “nuisance” suits from the public. ~Health Freedoms Related Articles: Other Sources Cited: ### "All beings tremble before violence. All fear death. All love life. See yourself in others. Then whom can you hurt? What harm can you do? ~Buddha"

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Missouri: Tell Governor Nixon: VETO SB113 / Protecting Puppy Mills

Last November Missouri voters said “YES” on Prop B. Wednesday Missouri legislators said “NO” to that majority vote. The Missouri House of Representatives passed SB 113 on Wednesday – gutting all significant protections for dogs suffering in substandard puppy mills and sending the repeal of Proposition B to the desk of Governor Jay Nixon. Now is the time to contact Governor Nixon and let him know he should respect the will of the majority of Missouri voters. Please contact his office right now at (573) 751-3222. Let him know the democratic process and the well-being of dogs used for commercial breeding are important to you and he should veto SB 113. First the Senate and now the House have defied the will of the people and dismantled Proposition B piece by piece, dealing a blow to dogs suffering in substandard facilities and also to the democratic process in Missouri. Not only did some lawmakers choose to overturn a statewide vote, but some of them even voted against the majority in their own districts. Many legislators showed a profound disdain for the will of Missouri voters under the guise that Missourians weren’t smart enough to understand Proposition B. This is an insult to all of us who clearly knew we were voting to improve the barbaric and inhumane conditions in Missouri’s substandard breeding facilities. If Governor Nixon signs this legislation -- defying the will of the people and turning the clock back on the humane treatment of Missouri puppies and dogs -- we will not back down. We are prepared to immediately begin gathering signatures for a referendum to bring this issue back to Missouri voters and allow the people to have the final say. But RIGHT NOW, contact Governor Nixon. Tell him he should: -- stand with Missourians -- not career politicians; -- protect Prop B and Missouri's dogs, and -- VETO SB113. Call (573) 751-3222 or click here to contact Governor Nixon now. With kindest regards, Kathryn W. Warnick President Humane Society of Missouri