Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hidden View Farm - Animal Cruelty - Seward, NY


Dear Mayor Borst, Supervisor Barbic, and DA Sacket,

I am writing to make you aware of an atrocious situation occurring in the town of Seward. As I write this, animals on an abandoned farm are suffering and dying.

A local woman has been trying to help them to no avail. It seems that no one will step up and help these dying animals even though this is in clear violation of the Agricultural and Marketing laws.

I do not currently have an address, but the name of the farm is HIDDEN VIEW FARM in Seward. The woman who is trying to help, Joyce Urban, may be reached at: Here is an excerpt from the e-mail I received desperately seeking help for the animals:

"The owners have only been told to "clean up the bodies within three days." There are still animals there, starving, pregnant, malnourished, likely unvetted and DYING! This includes pigs, cows, sheep, birds, horses, cats and dogs! PLEASE HELP! Before it's too late for the ones still alive"

I would appreciate a response and look forward to hearing that you have immediately intervened on behalf of these innocent animals in order to obtain the necessary veterinary and rescue help needed to assist those still living, and that you will be prosecuting the parties responsible for the abuse and neglect of these sentient beings.


Teresa Vecere


  1. I local enough to help but I can't verify this story or locate the mentioned farm. Can you provide more details?

  2. Here's a news link on the story:

  3. I found this contact info for the woman mentioned in the letter...hope it helps.

    Joyce Urban


  4. I pray this isn't true but I am pretty sure it is! So sad. Will repost everywhere.

  5. These ppl deserve to be in hell. I am sorry but this is one of the more horrific things I have seen lately. How can anyone do this and nobody do a thing? I am so outraged it is not funny.

  6. Hateful.

    I'm contacting the police station now to see what happened to the animals.

  7. Dear Mayor,

    This is unacceptable! Please intervene & help these poor animals. Also, it is your duty to hold the people responsible for this cruelty! If they couldn't afford to take care of these animals then they should've found appropriate foster care for them!

    Thank you,

    Brigette Cuneo

  8. Let 'em know you care! (the reporter) (the town) (the police)



  9. Hi there,

    I've sent an FB 'share' to Rescue Ink of NY, plus an email to both the ASPCA & the HSUS. I'm in Canada, so there's little else I can do, but there must be a local branch of either of the above that could assist...?

  10. I am so tired of people having animals, but not willing to take care of them. Sometimes I think to myself that animals are way better than humans. We need to make animal abuse a felony and not just a slap on the wrist.

  11. Even more disturbing news here:

  12. Sent an email to
    Susquehanna SPCA
    Humane Society
    Animal Protective Foundation
    Animal Legal Defense Fund

    Also, please share the Examiner story on Facebook, Twitter, encourage to RT, repost...

  13. There was a situation similar to that around where I live and a lot of the no kill animal shelters and numerous volunteers helped. Many of the animals were saved and adopted by good people. I hope others help these poor animals. It's so sad to see this happen.

  14. Has anyone tried calling the ASPCA? They might be able to provide some assistance.

  15. I wish I could go up there and help those poor animals. It breaks my heart to see these pictures. Anyone out there let me know how I can help, even though I live in NJ. Sad story. NO ANIMALS DESERVES THIS.

  16. This is so sad....the people who own it should b done just like they treated those cant have something like this and not know whats going on..if they tried to say they didnt know I would probley want to beat the hell out of them.

  17. what is wrong with the local government/police there??? Does the farm owner have connections??

  18. The address of the farm is 877 West Richmondville Road, Dorloo, NY. It is located right off of Route 165 in Dorloo (half way between Cobleskill and Cooperstown)...This has been going on for 3 years...the first time they shot and killed at least 5 horses and then tried to light them on fire, and instead caught half the mountain on one would do anything about it!! Tragic...

  19. kimberly - If you or anyone you know has actual proof of past abuse at this place, I urge you to contact D.A. Sacket and Chief Tully of the SPCA.
    - Teresa

  20. Take a look at the petition for this heinous abuse: Care2 Petition Site
    "Help Support Maximum Sentence for Hidden View Farm Animal Abuser"
    Please pass it along....

  21. I found a hidden view farms everywhere in NJ and other places wonder if illegally used the corporate name or did they relocate? Abusers usually do once exposed in 1 state...Hopefully none are connected with this case or people. From what I can see they were arrested, but that doesn't always stop them, such a shame...