Thursday, April 14, 2011

Missouri: Tell Governor Nixon: VETO SB113 / Protecting Puppy Mills

Last November Missouri voters said “YES” on Prop B. Wednesday Missouri legislators said “NO” to that majority vote. The Missouri House of Representatives passed SB 113 on Wednesday – gutting all significant protections for dogs suffering in substandard puppy mills and sending the repeal of Proposition B to the desk of Governor Jay Nixon. Now is the time to contact Governor Nixon and let him know he should respect the will of the majority of Missouri voters. Please contact his office right now at (573) 751-3222. Let him know the democratic process and the well-being of dogs used for commercial breeding are important to you and he should veto SB 113. First the Senate and now the House have defied the will of the people and dismantled Proposition B piece by piece, dealing a blow to dogs suffering in substandard facilities and also to the democratic process in Missouri. Not only did some lawmakers choose to overturn a statewide vote, but some of them even voted against the majority in their own districts. Many legislators showed a profound disdain for the will of Missouri voters under the guise that Missourians weren’t smart enough to understand Proposition B. This is an insult to all of us who clearly knew we were voting to improve the barbaric and inhumane conditions in Missouri’s substandard breeding facilities. If Governor Nixon signs this legislation -- defying the will of the people and turning the clock back on the humane treatment of Missouri puppies and dogs -- we will not back down. We are prepared to immediately begin gathering signatures for a referendum to bring this issue back to Missouri voters and allow the people to have the final say. But RIGHT NOW, contact Governor Nixon. Tell him he should: -- stand with Missourians -- not career politicians; -- protect Prop B and Missouri's dogs, and -- VETO SB113. Call (573) 751-3222 or click here to contact Governor Nixon now. With kindest regards, Kathryn W. Warnick President Humane Society of Missouri

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