Tuesday, August 4, 2009

For Immediate Release
July 29, 2009

New Prisoners: Utah Activists BJ Viehl and Alex Hall Locked Up Again!
Meanwhile Political Prisoner Jordan Halliday Remains Caged for Refusal to Co-operate with Grand Jury

BJ Viehl and Alex Hall were put back into custody for alleged "violation of their pretrial orders". The judge (an ex-prosecutor against "eco-terrorism") has ordered that they remain in custody pending trial.

WILLIAM "BJ" VIEHL AND ALEX HALL were originally arrested March 5, 2009 for their alleged role in a raid of a South Jordan, Utah mink farm in August, and the alleged attempted raid of a second mink farm in October. Both are being held captive in Salt Lake City Jail on charges of animal enterprise terrorism, while the real terrorists continue to trap, maim, imprison and murder thousands of innocent fur-bearing animals for their own perverted profits. Their trial has been postponed; we don't know the exact date, but will keep everyone updated when we find out.

JORDAN HALLIDAY was arrested for contempt of court on March 13. The United States Attorneys office subpoenaed him to testify in front of a Federal Grand Jury, and provide information involving the mink liberation's in Utah. He refused to cooperate, because the questions asked where not related to the investigation. He was only asked personal questions about his friend and associations.

Grand juries are unconstitutional fishing expeditions that have been used throughout U.S. history to disrupt and destroy social justice movements. They take away rights to force answers to questions, without being able to have a lawyer present. Jordan was well aware of the exploitation and abuse of these tactics and resisted the proceedings which resorting in him being arrested.

Please send books and letters to:

William James (BJ) Viehl
Inmate #2009-05735
Davis County Jail
800 West State St.
Farmington, UT 84025

Alex Hall
Inmate #2009-06304
Davis County Jail
800 West State St.
Farmington, UT 84025

Jordan Halliday
Cache County Jail
Inmate # 24836
1225 West Valley View Highway Suite 100
Logan, Utah 84321


For more information visit, http://www.animalliberationpressoffice.org/prisoners.htm

Animal Liberation Press Office
6320 Canoga Avenue #1500
Woodland Hills, CA 91367



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