Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Spain: Sadistic, Sick in the Head Spanish Teenage Thugs Torture and Kill Donkey During `Celebrations'

October 31, 2009 by Serbian Animals Voice

A dozen 17-year-olds sadistically tortured a hapless donkey by beating her up and raping her with a broomstick destroying her insides yesterday in Torreorgaz, Extremadura, during the "celebrations" of the Quintos, a tradition where animals are often abused.

There is pressure on the owners of the donkey to withdraw their complaint to the police.

Please write asking for justice for the innocent animal and her owners so the monsters will not get away:

Ayuntamiento de Torreorgaz – Calle Del Moral, 1 – Teléfono: 927 20 50 01 / 927 20 52 03
Fax: 927 20 53 74 – E-Mail:

Sample letter Sample letter Sample letter Sample letter

Con horror hemos leído la noticia de la tortura a muerte de una burra por parte de unos salvajes de 17 años en su municipio. Por medio de este mensaje solicitamos que se castigue ejemplarmente a los culpables y que se prohíban "los quintos" de ahora en adelante. Su ayuntamiento queda en mi lista de lugares de España que no visitaré a menos que se civilizen.


YOUR Name and country


Traslation of sample letter:

We have read with horror about the torture to death of a donkey by a group of 17 year old savages in your municipality. We urge you to punish the criminals making an example of them and to forbid this celebration from now on. Your part of the world is now on my list of places I will not visit in Spain until it becomes civilized.

*** SAV Comment ***

As we have declared in recent posts on this site, the EU is doing nothing to prevent animal abuses and suffering; this is a typical example. The EU is only interested inn money.

The EU would appear to be keen for other animal abusing nations to become members of its `club', much to the detriment of member states which DO show compassion towards animals.

They did it to a helpless animal they will do it to helpless children and adults also. That is a proven fact that the PTB like to ignore.

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