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STOP New Yorks Coyote Killing Contests

URGENT! Calls Needed To Protect Wildlife In NYS -- Please Cross-Post ASAP!

Hi Everyone,

Did you know that coyote slaughter "contests" have been held in New York State and there are more scheduled for February? This is a free-for-all activity to kill as many as you can with monetary prizes awarded for the heaviest, etc. Foxes and other species can also be killed during the "festivities".

There are currently 3 critical bills to help wildlife in the NY Environmental Conservation (EnCon) Committee. State Senator Antoine Thompson is the Chair of this committee and is in a position to put those bills on the agenda of an upcoming EnCon Committee meeting, but he needs to be made aware of public support. I'm asking you to please take a moment to contact him and let him know this is what you'd like to have happen. Since he will be meeting with the LOHV (League of Humane Voters) and other wildlife advocates on Friday morning, it's imperative that you call him tomorrow - Thursday 1/28/2010 as early as possible. If necessary there is a short two sentence suggestion below (scroll down).

Phone calls by Friday would be most effective. ALL calls are important, but please forward to any contacts in Erie or Niagara Counties: groups or individuals who want to stop coyote and crow "contests", canned hunts and one which addresses home rules for trapping.

Please note: there is currently an online petition circulating with close to 1,000 names on it...their goal is to extend the coyote hunt season from 5 months to 12 months a year in New York(!) so there is likely to be opposition to the bills described below.

Read more about the "contests" here:

Thank you,

This is a really big step forward to stopping some very cruel practices in New York. Please take just a moment to call or e-mail !!! Thank you!

Hello Buffalo!!!

The League of Humane Voters of New York State

Needs Your Help in the Buffalo Area.

In the 2009 session of the NYS Legislature, LOHV managed to pilot three bills through the Assembly's Environmental Conservation Committee (EnCon) to ready them for a floor vote of the full Assembly. The corresponding Senate versions are stalled in the EnCon Committee.

The Chair of the Senate EnCon Committee, who can put those bills on the agenda of an upcoming EnCon Committee meeting, is Senator Antoine Thompson of District 60, which consists of parts of Buffalo, Tonawanda, and the City of Niagara Falls. See the district map at:

LOHV NYS has scheduled a meeting with Senator Thompson THIS FRIDAY.

As Senator Thompson will be running again in November 2010, he will be more responsive to calls from his constituents than he was last year.

We need calls to his office urging him to place the three bills on the agenda of an upcoming EnCon committee meeting and work for their passage.

We urgently need those calls before Friday

All calls are needed -- constituent calls will help the most.

Call, fax, visit, e-mail or write him at his District Office:

Office of New York State Senator Antoine M. Thompson
Walter J. Mahoney State Office Building
65 Court Street, Room 213
Buffalo, New York 14202

P: 716-854-8705
F: 716-854-3051

Suggested Language:

"I am in full support of the three wildlife bills that are currently in the EnCon Committee chaired by Senator Thompson. Please ask him to put those bills on the agenda of an upcoming meeting of the EnCon Committee."

The specifics of those bills are below:


Senator Serrano
Home Rule for Trapping

Senator Kruger
Canned Hunt

Senator Marcellino
Shooting Contests


The League of Humane Voters of New York
PO Box 922
New Paltz, NY 12561

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