Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Universities in the Meat Industry?!

There is little chance of progress toward humane treatment of nonhuman
animals – an end to animal use and ecosystem disruption – while many of our
largest and most popular, prestigious, and influential institutions – our
land-grant universities (LGUs) / colleges of agriculture – teach inhumane
practice and meat ideology.
They don’t abuse as many sensitive chickens, pigs, fish, turkeys, cattle,
and others as the rest of the industry they helped create. But they teach
people to, each year providing billions of dollars’ worth of public
relations, training, and research for meat and allied industries – dairy, fish,
eggs, feed, pharmaceuticals, and others.
LGUs teach false beliefs about animals, including humans, and misrepresent
animal rights. The “institutions of higher learning” we rely on for an
enlightened public!

So it is crucial that we inform boosters of those institutions! – in
addition to administrators and officials RPA has been educating for years. An
easy, enjoyable, convenient way to help: Spot LGU promotions on cars –
decals, magnets, stickers, license-plate frames – and give the gift of
knowledge: special RPA fliers on windshields!
LGU cars are abound! My state’s main LGU, Penn State, larger than many
cities, has the world’s largest alumni association. If I leave home with
fewer then five Penn State fliers in my pocket, I sometimes lack enough for
the parked Penn State cars I see. I saw several Iowa State cars (number-one
university serving the meat industry) in the small Iowa town where I spoke
this past fall. Same with Raleigh on my November visit to North Carolina

Have RPA send you a supply of fliers for your state’s LGU!

Don’t leave home without LGU fliers!

When you travel, have us send you a supply for your destination state!

Tell RPA your leafleting tips so we can share them with other members and

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Last but far from least …

Heartfelt thanks to all who made late fall / early winter RPA’s best
donation season ever
– and to all who gave in recent weeks!

The struggle for unalienable equal basic autonomy and ecology rights of
all individual animals regardless of species is its own reward. But it costs
a little bit to carry it on. It is necessarily a long-term struggle,
with little short-term sign of progress, because few people yet understand
animal rights, its necessity for protecting nonhuman animals, or its potential
far-reaching benefits for humans. RPA works every day to change that.
Donations in any amount lend invaluable moral support!
Thanks and best wishes,
David Cantor
Founder & Director
Responsible Policies for Animals, Inc.
P.O. Box 891
Glenside, PA 19038
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Responsible Policies for Animals, Inc., a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit
organization, shows people how to establish responsible policies for
animals that are also responsible policies for people and ecosystems –
unalienable equal basic autonomy and ecology rights of all individual animals
regardless of species. Nonhuman animals have no rights; therefore, no meaningful
RPA’s 10,000 Years Is Enough campaign aims to end our land-grant
universities’ support of the meat industry -- see _www.RPAforAll.org_
( and _www.ExpertsOfConscience.org_
( .
RPA's This Land Is Their Land campaign aims to protect wildlife by ending
armed assaults and destructive land-use practices. See Campaigns page at
_Www.EatForSports.org_ ( provides facts and
sources promoting plants-only eating for humans. Like other animals, humans
should have a right not to have institutions impose harmful foods on
RPA's formal statement opposing violence in the name of animal advocacy is
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