Sunday, July 4, 2010

Birthday Action Against Vivisection

Forwarding for Camile of NIO, whos BD is tomorrow.

Subject: Vivisection will cease on the day it becomes unprofitable

I thank you for your birthday wishes, but, up until five minutes ago, the and a key to impeding funding is to create public outrage (and guilt) about how the public is responsible for financing death with their tax dollars...

We are trying to challenge the propagandists to publically admit to the human injuries and deaths for which they are responsible. (; ) If we can successfully raise the issue of consequent human injuries (1) people will be more receptive; (2) once they understand that their taxes fund torture and murder, they will remain complicit or they will demand answers, and (3) the pro-vivs will necessarily reveal themselves as paid mercenaries -- with no interest in science or the "do no harm" tenet of medicine. deaths are simply a negligible liability tfactored into a soulless bloody business model.

1- The only place we've been published so far is on Opposing Views (Jentsch's and Ringach's playground). While we're trying to find a sympathetic journalist (e.g., bill moyers, amy goodman, jane valez-mitchelll) this is the only place we've been published so far:;

while this is a relatively uselss forum to achive any public awareness, your comments would be appreciated.

2- July 5 is my birthday.Thank you for the early birthday wishes but I'd appreciate it if we could all do something instead: please send an email to this block of my favorite vivisection pararsites:

"Frankie Trull" , "Richard W. Bianco" , "Earle M. Holland" , "Paul M. Browne" , "Thomas Mattia" ,"Tom Holder" , "Jackie Calnan" , "Dario L. Ringach" , "J. David Jentsch"

and demand that they address one issue...

"if animal research advances medical science, how come when the animal experiments end and the products go to market, the humans experiments begin? why is there a new class-action lawsuit almost monthly? people are regularly injured, maimed, left in vegetative states, commit suicide, or are simply murdered by bad drug -- that is, by YOU. the human casualties appear to be a simple cost of doing business.

how do you account for the human devastation incurred as a direct result of the animal "research" you promote? i'm assuming that all of the animal blood spilled provides a steady stream of income that more than washes out any balance sheet liabilities from those annoying class-action law suits.

I am morally opposed to the NIH using my tax dollars to fund your obscene sadism and the public will be outraged as well. So, if I'm wrong, this is your chance to make me understand."

your name

FYI - these are the aberrations you are writing to:

Frankie Trull –
Founder & President, Foundation for Biomedical Research; Lobbyist
promotes “public understanding” yet she has no education or experience in medicine or science

Richard W. Bianco –
Associate Professor of Surgery, University of Minnesota
To help Trull manipulate “public understanding,” Bianco believes that “if we could get a celebrity, that would change everything.”

Jackie Calnan –
President, Americans for Medical Progress (AMP)
Multi-national corporations that profit from vivisection (e.g., Pfizer, Abbott Labs, GlaxoSmithKline, Wyeth, Charles River) comprise the Board of Directors; they award fellowships to lay people who in turn become vivisection propagandists.

Earle M. Holland –
Vivisection Public Relations, Ohio State University
Sits on the AMP Board of Directors
Holland excuses the violations, torture, and murders of hundreds of animals at Ohio State and the NIH rewarded those crimes with $34 million from taxpayers.

Tom Holder –
Spokesperson, UCLA’s Pro-Test for Science
AMP paid Holder to move from U.K. and financed the inception of Speaking of Research (the public relations arm of UCLA Pro-Test)
Like most paid industry spokespersons, Holder has no scientific education or knowledge. He claims that he advocates animal abuse “for my health.”

Paul Browne –
Sits on the Speaking of Research Committee
He is a science blogger who joined this group of vivisectors because he was “tired of seeing the half-truths and misinformation” going “unchallenged in the press”. Here is the second opportunity I am offering him to fulfill this goal.

J. David Jentsch –
UCLA Vivisector, Co-Founder of Pro-Test for Science
addicts animals, including nonhuman primates, to illegal narcotics
the NIH awards Jentsch/UCLA hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars annually to repeat and refine his methods of creating insanity and physical debilitation in his victims.

Dario L. Ringach –
UCLA Vivisector, Co-Founder of Pro-Test for Science
the NIH awards Ringach/UCLA hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars annually to restrain, blind, and murder animals which would explain his vocal position: “I fully support and defend the use of animals (including primates) in responsible biomedical research.”

Thomas Mattia –
Chief Communications Officer, Yale University
Yale’s vivisection spokesperson has no scientific background. But, in 2007, the Coca-Cola executive brought them a wealth of information about soft drinks.

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