Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Diabetic Kitties

The Lantus my vet prescribed for my kitty comes in a pen. You just screw
the needle on the end of the pen, turn the dial for the desired dose, remove
the needle cap and administer. When the pen is empty the dial for adjusting
dosage will not turn so no danger of giving an injection when the pen has
been used up. The needles are DB Ultra Fine lll pen needles. They are 5mm
(3/16in) in length and are 31 gauge. I inject the insulin into Nota's

My glucometer is an Accu-Chek Compact Plus. It was free with the first
package of test strips. There is a lancet pen attached to the glucometer or
you can remove it and use it separately.. When the glucometer is turned on
to test it automatically dispenses a strip. You have 5 minutes to allow the
strip to draw up 1.5 microlitres of blood before the machine automatically
turns off. After testing I just turn the meter off and it automatically
ejects the strip into the garbage or wherever. The meter has a memory for
500 tests. It measures glucose in mmol/L or mg/dL. It even has an alarm
function to remind you when to test when during a glucose curve.

I find the combination of the pen and the meter very easy to work with.

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