Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Special Home Needed for a Special Dog

"Babykins" is a Rottie-mix that spent the first year of her life on a ten-foot chain.  When we first rescued her, we bought her into the home where she got along with our two little housedogs. This lasted about three months until one day one of the little house dogs got jealous and snapped at her. Although "Babykins" didnt start the fight, it was clear from her reaction that her intent was not only to defend herself but to also kill the little dog in the process. "Babykins" gabbed the little dog by the neck and began to shake her like a ragdoll and would not heed our commands to let go. This could be due to the fact that "Babykins" has no training and for this reason she will need a special home with no other dogs or young children and with someone who is either experienced in training dogs of this kind or who will pay to have her professionally trained.

Although almost 2 years old  now, "Babykins" is still full of energy and still has the playfulness of a pup. She loves to chase a ball and to play tug-of-war with an old sock. She is highly intelligent, good in the house when left alone, and loves everyone  she meets but yet is still a good watchdog.

We think that "Babykins" will make a great companion if just the right home can be found. Rescue is closing due to ill health of owner and "Baby" will have to be euthanized if just the right home isnt found soon. Call Chris (518) 753-7791 if interested.   

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