Sunday, February 7, 2010

Counter-Act Meat-Industry Boycott of Yellow-Tail Wine

Well the "cattle-growers" and meat industry folk are attempting a boycott of Yellow Tail Wines for their generous contribution to the United States Humane Society. They think the HSUS is out to do away with agriculture and I am no HSUS fan but like to give credit where credit is due.....they did a wonderful job of undercover investigations at Hallmark Meat Co in Calif a few years back. Not only are they trying to make "factory farming" more humane, they are also concerned with the safety of our food chain too. Who could have a problem with that?

Click on title above to go to Yello-Tails facebook page where the meat-guys (and gals) are giving them a terrible time) I am hoping we can counteract act that, and have left a comment of my own to re-assure Yellow-Tail that we are on their side and "got their backs."

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