Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pet Connection Editor, Author, Breeder, RESCUER, Speaks Out Against Mandatory S&N Laws;

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Gina Spadafori

Gina Spadafori is Dr. Becker's writing partner, and as such coordinates all editorial content for the Pet Connection newspaper feature, for the Web site (where she is the lead blogger) and for the books and article co-authored with Dr. Marty Becker.

A long-time journalist and editor, Gina has been writing primarilly about pets and their care for almost 30 years.m as a syndicated columnist and author. The first edition of her top-selling book "Dogs For Dummies," was given the President's Award for the best writing on dogs and the Maxwell Medallion for the best general reference work, both by the DWAA.

Along with co-author Dr. Paul D. Pion, a top veterinary cardiologist, she was given the CWA's awards for the best work on feline nutrition, best work on feline behavior, and best work on responsible cat care for the top-selling" Cats For Dummies." The book was also named one of the 100 best feline moments in the 20th century by Cat Fancy magazine. With internationally recognized avian specialist Dr. Brian L. Speer, Gina has also written "Birds For Dummies," one of the best-selling books on pet birds ever written. Her books have been translated into many languages, including French, Serbian, Danish, Japanese and Russian. Gina has also headed one of the first and largest online pet care sites, the Pet Care Forum, America Online's founding source of pet-care information.

In 2007, she formed a partnership with Dr. Becker and the two have written nine (soon to be 11) books since.

Gina lives in Northern California on a suburban microfarm with dogs, cats and poultry.

BLOGGERS NOTE: dont it just figger, a breeder against breeding regs. What do you think motovates her mind? Same as the Big Bank$ters who oppose regulation of their industry is the motive my friends. Nothing more. Nothing less. Dont be fooled by industry greed. Mandatory spay and nueter is A GOOD THING that will not stop breeders from breeding but will force them to breed less and more responsibly. The idea is to ensure that every new-born cat or dog is WANTED and has a home waiting for it when it is ready to be weaned. Potential new owners just might have to be put on a waiting list for their new pup or kitty, and that is a bad thing, why?


  1. "Dont it just figger" that you can't be bothered to do your homework. I've bred one litter in 30 years. One. The waiting list for that litter was years in the making and more than four times longer than the number of puppies in the litter, from which I kept one.

    I also ran a rescue, fostering, rehabbing and rehoming more than 30 dogs a year out of my own home. And I still foster when I can.

    Mandatory spay-neuter kills more pets than it saves, and that has been shown time and time again every where it has been tried. Don't take my word for it: Look it up.

    Lady, I don't know what your problem is, but you're not helping anyone with your ignorance of the law or of what we do on our Web site. You're certainly not helping animals.

    My advice: Take your meds before you attempt to write anything.

  2. And of course, the only reason you have any problem with me at all is because our bloggers have asked you to quit stealing the work of our site and others.

    I do find it interesting that you consider yourself a student of "ethics." Maybe you should study a little harder.

  3. Can you explain this statement of yours to me (and the rest of the blog-o-sphere?)

    "Mandatory spay-neuter kills more pets than it saves"

    By the way, I am not "picking on" you or your authors cause one took offense to my sharing an article w/out her express permission. I am not that petty. If I respond to an article, it is because something (stoopit) that the author wrote compelled me to respond, not because I might have issues with any other author or the web-mistess of the site. Really, I am not that petty but obviously YOU are....In all the years I been advocatin for animal welfare, I have pissed-off far tooo many people with what they percieve to be my "extremists" views to bother much about defending myself or "fighing back." dont have time for such nonsense. Besides, I am a strong believer in retributive justice and what goes around will come around,...and the truth will always out.

    You may be a "responsible" breeder who breeds only one litter in a life time,... but lets face it girly girl, are IN BED big time with big time breeders and their PACs, and I DARE U 2 deny that.

    Mandatory spay and nueter is necessary cause people just dont have the common sense or the desire to do it on their own. Its either mandatory S&N or TAX the breeders for each new life they bring into this world and put that $$ into rescue and rehab.

    What part of pet over-population and contributing to the problem dont you understand?


  4. It's pretty clear you haven't the ability to grasp even basic concepts beyond slogans handed to you so you don't have to think on your own. Research appears to be too much trouble, as well. Too bad. You might learn something.

    As for me "being in bed with big-time breeders and their PACs," well, you really ought to do some research there, too. A simple Google search will set you straight. But I doubt you'll bother, because it's pretty clear that truth is not your interest here.

    In any case, I'm done wasting my time here. You continue doing whatever bone-headed thing it is that you do, and good luck with it.

  5. Gina, if you REALLY believe that mandatory spay and neuter is a bad thing that causes more animal deaths than it saves, IF you REALLY believe that (which I dont believe you do) - then you are truely an idiot and I have lost all respect for you as a writer as well as an animal-rescuer. Could it not be that your opinions are bias in view of the fact that you are a regular contributor to the AKC Gazette that is the offical mag of the AKC who is VEHEMIENTLY against mandatory S&N? Or could your affiliations with the Dog Writers Association of America have something to do with your position on mandatory S&N, as the DWAA depends heavily upon AKC support? Huuummm.

  6. Where'd she go? Give up on this conversation? Wonder why? Truth hurts donut, Gina?