Thursday, July 2, 2009

PETA Makes War on Primate Sanctuary

Don't know what's going on with PETA, but I do know, I no longer support, respect, or trust them! All the suffering they caused with BSL, killing thousands of adoptable animals and now trying to ruin this sanctuary for no good reason..............

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Be sure to check out this site also: PetaKillsAnimals.Org


  1. I would suggest that before jumping on the bandwagon and assuming PETA is going after an innocent party, ...that you/we as individuals, do your due dilligence and research, and decide for yourselves.
    I have, ..and the footage and evidence of deplorable conditions (as well as other not so ethical actions) at prmarily primates is clear.

  2. First off, please do not assume that I am proposing that the sanctuary is "an innocent party". I presume no innocence on the part of any human being or human run organization. I am merely trying to draw attention to the fact that PETA is at it again, trying to shut down an "animal enterprize," that will ALWAYS be with us, ..whether a primate house, a zoo or a horse or dog racetrack.

    If you read the article thoroughly, you would have seen the part where is says that PETA has pressed charges on this organization more than once in the past, but the case(s) were always dismissed as unfounded.

    I am not saying it is ok to keep wild animals in captivity, but if it is "humanely" done, it is legal. Of course, the idea of what is "humane" is a relative one, depending on who is in power to say so, and codify it into law. If no laws are broken, there is not much that anybody can do, except seek to change (strengthen) the laws.

    If you know PETA surley you must know that they do not support the keeping of animals in any case,, um., if you are of this mind-set, your bias is showing.