Monday, July 13, 2009

Tx ACO Fights Against "Mandatory Euthansia" Policy at Shelter

TX - City of Ferris Mandatory Euthanasia
Please post far and wide! This is part two of the events of last
week. Full story below!

From: "Misty," Ferris Tx ACO
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 2009 15:47:49 -0500
City of Ferris Mandatory Euthanasia

Anyone receiving this and not knowing what I am talking about please click on the title above to see a local news story.


Online story:

The next City of Ferris Council meeting is July 20th at 7:00 p.m. I
would like to beg anyone/everyone to get on the agenda to speak at
this meeting. To do this you must put this in writing to the city.
It must contain: Who you are, your contact information and what you
would like to speak about. This MUST be submitted by July 15th prior
to noon. You can submit this to:
100 Town Plaza
Ferris, TX 75125
(972) 544-2110 (972) 842-5761

They do have a fax number, but I do not have that available, however I
am sure you can call the numbers above to get this number.

On the morning of July 7, 2009 I was called into my immediate
supervisor's office and handed a form entitled Expectations of Animal
Control Function City of Ferris. (I have attached this form) I was
required to sign this. I asked my immediate supervisor does this mean
I need to go down to the shelter and kill everything. His response
was "yes". I responded "I would not do this, if that is going to cost
me my job then so be it". "I will not go down to the shelter and just
start euthanizing everything". When I returned to the shelter I
contacted a few people who have helped out with posting and rescuing.
Then it was a huge mass of people showing up, calling, interviewing
me, and emails were flying. All of the 26 animals in the shelter at
this time did leave the shelter safely.

I do not know why this decision has been made. I did put in writing
to the Council and Mayor requesting a bathroom be put down at the
shelter. I did this on June 5th, I would only hope this was not the
reason for their decision. They have denied my request for a bathroom.

I am now asking for your continued support in getting the elected
officials in the City of Ferris to understand what a mistake they are
making. There have been numerous changes in the reason why this
directive was given. There have also been statements that this is no
longer in effect. I have been given nothing else in writing except
what I received on July 7, 2009.

Euthanasia is a part of my job as an Animal Control Officer. Sad as
that is I do understand that some animals cannot be saved. Due to
illness, injury, aggression or just the fact there is no more room in
the shelter, animals must be euthanized. To date in the area of $
10,000.00 in adoption fees have been received by the City of Ferris
since I started this job. I would like to know how the euthanization
of these animals would have been cost effective for the City.

Please pass this on, residents of Ferris please stand up and let YOUR
council know how you want YOUR tax dollars spent. If your not a
resident PLEASE help me enlighten this council of the importance of
the job I have been doing up to this point.

According to this directive I can no longer promote spay/neuter. I
have attached a kittico flyer that I was doing every 6 weeks in
Ferris. If you are with an organization that can enlighten this
council on the benefits of spay/neuter PLEASE put yourself on the
agenda. If you can enlighten them to what the job of Animal Control
entails PLEASE put yourself on the agenda.

The sign of a civilized society is how they treat their most

Thank You
Misty Clark
Animal Control Officer
City of Ferris

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