Monday, July 13, 2009

Questions You Should Ask BEFORE You Support Any Shelter

It is no secret that the vast number of all animal shelters across the lands have embarassingly high euthansia rates. Sadly, there is a great number of animal welfare workers who belive it is necessary to kill animals to save them. However you feel, whether or not you are a "kill," "no-kill," or "limited-kill" advocate, there are some important questions you should ask the director of any shelter before you decide to support them;

1. What is their actual kill-rate
2. Do they engage in the deplorable practice of "pound seizures."
3. What method of euthansia do they use (and pray it is not gassing or heart-stick)
4. What method of carcass disposal do they use (and pray they are not sold to rendering plants where they will be ground up into pet food)

This is a works in progress and will be updated periodically. Contributions of info are appreciated so if you know of a shelter and its kill-rate or practices, please share that info with us here. Thanks.

What is a kill rate? / explain and give examples of shelters with known kill rates.

What is a pound seizure? / explain and give names of shelters known to engage in this practice.

What Methods of Euthansia are used? / explain different methods and give examples of shelters known to use (or not use) these methods)

What Methods of Disposal are Used? / explain different methods and give examples of shelters whos methods are known.

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