Saturday, August 21, 2010

40 Cats Need Rescue in Hudson Co., NJ

Please conatct


Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2010 20:43:10 -0400


Hello animal rescue friends!!! If anyone knows ANYONE who can help me, I'm
so desperate to find these cats somewhere to go! :(


40 cats in a woman's home are going to put to sleep this Tuesday by the
ASPCA, Associated Humane of Newark. I am the head technician at the
Secaucus Animal Hospital in Hudson County. We have a client who for many
years has been trapping cats, neutering them, and releasing them into her
home. Some of the cats are very friendly and some are wild. She started
out with 6 cats and had a little group of cats that she would feed on her
porch, but she lived on a busy street and was seeing so many of them killed
as they crossed to get to her house. She began taking them in, and although
we didn't think it was the best for the cats, we knew she was taking good
care of them medically. Years passed and before we knew it, she had more
than 40 cats in her home. A few years ago, she lost her job, and due to
health reasons was unable to find work. She was in danger of losing her
home because she could not afford the taxes, when someone made her a deal
that they would pay her taxes if she got rid of all the cats.
Unfortunately,a few years back, one of the cats tested positive for FELV
even though we were testing all the kitties before she was bringing them
in...he was very sick and we had to put him down, and another cat died of
what we think may have been FIP. Because she told this to the Humane
Society, they told her that they had to euthanize ALL the cats because they
did not have the finances to test any of them. Since that cat tested
positive for FELV, we have tested every cat that has come in to our hospital
and they have all been negative. We are willing to test ALL the cats prior
to adoption for anyone who may be able to rescue them.

Our rescue is going to foster 6 of the's all the room we have!
That leaves 34!

I'm sending out a plea for anyone who can take just ONE cat...or anyone who
has property where at least one or BEST two of the wild ones can be

She is a nice lady whose love of these cats just got out of control...I hate
to see these poor guys suffer...alot of these cats I know and love and have
worked with for years!!!

Please help me help her! I am willing to transport in the tri-state area!

Thank you soooooo much,


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lives." - Albert Schweitzer

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