Tuesday, August 24, 2010

SOS for Canadian Geese

Dear friends of Canada geese:

NYC Audubon is trying to reach a goal of having 1,000 people register formal complaints with the City about the rampant killings of Canada geese. All you have to do is call 311 (or 212-NEW-YORK from outside of NYC) and register a complaint. There are several important things to remember when phoning 311 with your complaint:

When registering a complaint, its important to say that you would like to "register an opinion with the Mayor." 311 may encourage you to submit the complaint through an email address or via mail, but it is possible to register an opinion through 311, and NYC Audubon has confirmed this several times with 311 supervisors. The more people who phone to register a complaint, the more familiar 311 operators will likely become handling this type of complaint.

It's possible that 311 operators will attempt to categorize your complaint. The appropriate category for this type of issue is "Environment."

It's possible that 311 operators will ask you about the date and time of the incident. Its ok to say you're not exactly sure, and to ask that they use today's date and time for their form.

Please e-mail us your tracking number so we can follow up on it later. Emails can be sent to info@nycaudubon.org

If you encounter any challenges registering your complaint, please phone Jeff Friedrich at 212-691-7483

With your support, NYC Audubon can encourage City officials to engage with us in drafting a better plan for managing Canada geese in New York City.

Link to their web page:


Choo and Earl

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