Sunday, August 29, 2010

Phoenix's Song

Crossposting for Phoenix and all sick, starving, suffering abused and neglected animals;

Dear all,

Sharing our song for Phoenix which we finished last night, it took us several months to get around to recording it as we are always a few songs behind and have a list of music to write for animal issues. This song was requested by Zara who has been following the case, part of the email that she wrote to us is below. I never forgot this letter or the kindness of the medical staff who gave Phoenix precious time to just be a dog, even for a few minutes, before she sadly had to be euthanized becaue of her injuries.

So Phoenix now has her song, she rests in peace and I hope her story will help to raise awareness of animal abuse so that we can help other dogs at risk in the future. Please feel free to share and if there are any updates about the court case I'll add them to Phoenix's page on our website. If anyone would like a copy of the song just let me know & I'll send it through.

From Zara's email -

''Phoenix, a 2 year old pit bull. She survived but they did put her to sleep after a while because her kidneys were failing due to her injuries and her pain. I am told by a friend in Baltimore, where it happened that they took her outside and let her see the grass and the sky before they sent her on her final journey. She was giving kisses and wagging her tail right up to the end of her life.

When she closed her eyes for the last time I pray she knew love and her pain ended. I can't stop crying and I can't write anymore sorry my friend.''

Phoenix's song -

Phoenix's story -

Best wishes

Maria & Paul xx

'Compassion is the vital link that makes life bearable when all else fails'

Maria Daines


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