Thursday, April 15, 2010

Beautiful Am Staff to Be Put Down in New Home Cant be Found

Troy is a 16-month old American Staffordshire Terrier. He is one of two surviving puppies from his liter. His mother died shortly after giving birth. Troy lived with his father in his previous owner’s home. When Troy was 5-months, his father began attacking him so the owner had to place Troy into another home away from the attacks of his father. Troy was then adopted by this couple and is fabulous with the couple. Troy was neutered and went to obedience classes where he learned basic commands (e.g., sit). Troy’s doggie social skills aren’t so good (probably due to the bad experiences he had with his father attacking him) and he is possessive of his toys when other dogs are around. Troy also exhibits social distancing behavior when he isn’t comfortable with unfamiliar situations, which includes being around others that aren’t his guardian. Because the couple didn’t know how to properly read Troy’s body language, they had no idea, at first, that the dog was uncomfortable. So no counter conditioning/de-sensitizing was done. It wasn’t until Troy became very uncomfortable that they noticed. Even when they noticed, they had no idea what to do. As many dog owners know, this type of behavior isn’t out of the ordinary for a dog. It is a dog that just needs to be placed in the right home with someone that has previous dog experience that is willing to work with him. His new home should be an adult only home with no other animals and no children.

I am trying to help a couple re-home their dog named Troy. Although many will be mad that they chose to re-home their dog, please don’t let this get in the way of helping Troy find a new home. If we let this get in the way, it will cost Troy his life because they will bring Troy to the vet to have him put down/killed if a new home isn’t found. I was recently asked to help them and because I don’t want to see Troy dead is the only reason why I am helping them. The couple has stated that they will put down/kill Troy if nothing comes through by April 15th. Because I just got involved in helping them, I am trying to have them give Troy more time so we can get the word out about him so he can LIVE.

Troy is up to date on his vaccines. The couple has all his vet records and will provide you with any details you want on his behavior.

If you can help Troy or need more information to see if he is the right fit for your home, please email Jaime at or call her at 631-423-2654. You can also email Russell at or call him at 631-806-2139.

•Location: Adopter Needed to Save Troy

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