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Captain of NYCPD Mounted Unit Kills 3 Retiring Horses

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“In my humble, pissed-off opinion” by R.T. Fitch – Author of “Straight from the Horse’s Heart“

“Crap for Brains” Captain Hands Loyal Horses Death for Retirement Present

A lifetime of service thrown right into the garbage

You know, just when you think that things are leveling out and maybe the horses are gaining a little bit of ground you open up the paper or a news website and something like this reaches out and slaps you right in the face. It smarts, it stings and it STINKS! (Sorry, any semblance of a professional demeanor is right out the window)

The retirement package that was administered to three solid veterans of the NYPD was a needle to the neck and an early death where they had an easy 10+ years left to reap the rewards of just being a horse. And the Horse’s Ass…no wait, that is an insult to the horses, the piece of horse poop, no…again that is degrading to the fallen equines…the worthless, stinking, pond scum who issued the order should contemplate if he will receive the same loving treatment upon his retirement. We could only hope!

Jen Carlson of the “Gothamist” reported today:

“Some of New York’s finest four-legged friends have been sent off to greener pastures, with a loud rally cry from animal rights activists sending them off. According to the NY Post, the head of the NYPD’s Mounted Unit, Capt. Barry Gelbman, ordered three retired police horses put down upon their retirement, saying various leg ailments made it impossible to transport them to new homes upstate and in New Hampshire.

The horses—Danny, Willis and Richie Rich—were 15 to 20 years old, and had life expectancies of up to 30, leaving many to question Gelbman’s decision. Allegedly, he made it clear the animals were under his control, as property of his department. But one source told the paper, “They did not need to be euthanized. They just could not travel cramped for 16 hours. They only needed special accommodations to move them.”

This isn’t the first time the NYPD has been involved in scandals involving their horses. On top of running a corrupt auction, in 2005 they sent 58 retired horses to a bankrupt farm where it was discovered they were malnourished.”

There you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth and here is what we are going to do about it. We need to get this turkey’s badge, he needs to ride off into the sunset with moraly bankrupt losers like “Slaugherhouse” Sue Wallis and defunct “Red” Ed Butcher. This idiot is not only an emabarrassement to the proud men and women of NYC who where the blue with honor, he makes me want to turn in my “Human Being” badge.

Let the Mayor of New York know how pissed off you are at

Call the NYCPD at 212-868-2585 and let them know how you feel. Fellow advocates have reported back that those answering the phone are upset, too. Tell them where you are from and why you are calling.

We are Equine Advocates and the voices of the horses, it doesn’t make any difference if it is 40,000 captured wild horses in pens, a 100,000 shipped across the border for slaughter or 3 police horses in New York City, it’s all about the horses and they need us, now, more than ever.

Let your voices be heard and tonight, say a prayer for those who gave their lives for the service of man without even so much as a thank you, without a single shred of compassion or gratitude. Offer a prayer of forgiveness to those who were so totally betrayed, like hundreds of thousands before them.

We should know that prayer very well by now; it has become our mantra and how we lull ourselves to sleep at night, it’s the nightmare that haunts us as we try to rest and it’s the fire in our heart that presses us on.

Maybe, just maybe we can retire that prayer, one day…just maybe.

Sometimes I hate being a man.

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