Monday, April 19, 2010

Wallis Friends Celebrate New Slaughterhouse Plans in Wyoming

A string of comments from Sue Wallis' "United Organizations for Horse-Slaughter" Facebook page;!/pages/United-Organizations-of-the-Horse/156599501900?ref=mf

Celebrating the Passage of a Bill in Wyoming that would allow horse-slaughter in that state; (with the exception of two dissenters - lets keep 'em coming anti-horse slaughter folks! You know we definately outnumber them and can make a bigger noise - have at it! Time IS of the essence now)

Wyoming passes landmark bill to facilitate humane horse processing

The United Organizations of the Horse is working with Dr. Temple Grandin to implement an Equine Assurance Program to ensure meat quality and address animal welfare concerns

March 10 at 6:07pm · Comment ·Marji Love Coe So, very glad to read this. Good job Sue,and everyone who had a part in getting this done!!!

March 10 at 6:34pm · It was mostly Sue, We all owe a great big thanks to her.

March 10 at 6:46pm · Marji Love Coe THANKS SUE!!! :-)

March 10 at 7:34pm · Pat Williams DeKalb,iL will re-open at sometime in the future with full awareness that we horse owners are watching them. Gratitudes to those who have educated the people who needed educating.

March 10 at 8:59pm · Bj Johns Oh horse slaughter will open back up.. just because it will not be IL. at this time.. it will open back up.. you can bet on that. And I will be right there to help. I even have a horse or two that I will send there.

March 14 at 10:48am · Nadine Hoy BJ, I would die before I would send one of mine there, I am a responsible horse owner, it is those who cannot afford the vets to quietly euthanize them who have that need. Or those who just don't care a whit about their horses last days, my horses have loved me and I love them enough to spend my last dime to see they never suffer. I hope when I become old and feeble someone cares about my last days.

April 10 at 10:18pm · Christine A. Jubic Nadine, wish all horse owners felt like you. There is NO NEED to slaughter horses. There is help for those who need 2 but cant afford to put there horse(s) humanely down. All they have to do is reach out for help, either from their local animal and/or humane officer, and there are plenty of rescues that would gladly come to their aid to help the consciencious owners "gently" put their beloved animal down. There is only ONE reason anyone could be for horse-slaughter, and that is the money to be made from the horses sale to slaughter. Ray Charles could see this is true.
Why do they keep erasing my posts to the group? Hummmm.

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