Thursday, April 15, 2010

Heaven Sent but Hell-Bound if She Dont Change Her Ways

Just a warning. if you decide to go to one of this organization's events...DO NOT BRING YOUR CHILD/CHILDREN with you. We had our 9 yr old with us when the president of Heaven Sent decided to tell us we couldn't adopt a dog we had just fallen in love with. She'll held it against us that 3 yrs ago we had to give a friend of the family our dog because the dog went after my son and niece and nephew. She didn't even care about the reason we found the dog a new home and then (with no finesse and more like a Hitler) stood in front of us while we were sitting on a bench (still holding the dog we fell in love with) and announced with no compassion that "I am the president of this animal rescue and you're application is being denied. You cannot adopt a dog from this organization". My child's eyes immediately filled with tears and by the time we got out the door, he was just SOBBING! The woman has no people or communication skills and no heart for the humans she is dealing with. I was pissed, not at the fact that we were not able to adopt, but the way she delivered it was uncalled for. Maybe she'll read this and work on her personality, because she has none.

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