Friday, May 21, 2010

Newfoundlad Seals

Subject: Campaign Eight: Attack Newfoundland Tourism (Round Two)
Campaign Eight: Attack Newfoundland Tourism (Round Two)

Like a fighter jet takes one sweep at a target, then rounds for another, so do we today. The tourism season is starting up in Newfoundland, and we are going to take a chunk out of that industry until these people give it up, and stop the slaughter of "all of our" Atlantic Harp seals.

They killed 70,000 this year in what was the worst natural disaster the harp seals ever faced - no ice for birthing. Another 70,000 are presumed drowned as mother's aborted in the water. The seals require ice for the first three weeks of their lives, as they cannot swim. The Canadian government did not send out ships or coast guard to offer assistance to drwning pups, they sent out Newfoundlanders to kill them. And being a Newfoundlander, a very small and strange part of Canada, these people were only too happy to oblidge.

Regardless, thanks to our efforts, and efforts of the NGO's (PETA, IFAW) the seal market is imploding as the pressure is too great on Canada (Newfoundland). We are going to step up that pressure and keep it on until they relent.

Direct Action:

Step 1)

Everyone CALL Newfoundland Tourism! Tell them how you will never step foot in their blood province!

North America: 1-800-563-6353 (Toll Free)

International: +1-709-729-0862 (NOT Toll Free)

International: +1-709-729-7830 (NOT TOLL free) OPEN: 24/7


Step 2)

Contact Terry French - Minister of Tourism:

Phone: +1-709-729-5907

Fax: +1-709-729-5819


Step 3)

For those of you who want to go that extra step, here are the major hotels in St. John's Newfoundland. Tell them "how eager you are to stay in their blood hotels this summer..."

Newfoundland Hotels:;

That's it! Activism at it's best. You've now sent your voice straight to St. John's Newfoundland. No petitions to be signed and unread, no signs to carry, your voice has now been heard.

Next stop? CNN :-) Stay tuned...

Thank you everyone!

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