Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sweet Senior Pittie Needs New Home


Hello. My name is Rachel and I work as a vet-tech in the Albany NY area. I rescued Ruthie 2 yrs ago. She was thin with a poor coat, unspayed, walking on nails that were curled right around to her pads and extremely submissive. She was brought in to be euthanized but the vet did not want to euthanize her because she was not dying,and she had a wonderful temperament, so the owner agreed to surrender her. She was spayed and during surgery the vet found a foreign object in her stomach. It was a piece of a rope toy that appeared to have been hanging out in her stomach for a while rotting. This girl was eating anything to survive. Ruthie is now happy, healthy, and a wonderful companion. She would be best with someone who is a homebody and just wants a friend to hang out with. She requires no special care or medications and maintains a nice weight on 1 cup of quality dry food twice a day. She is up to date on her vaccines, frontline, and heartgard. She is between 10-14yrs of age. She is good with other animals. She is gentle and obedient. She does not pull on leash. She is a wonderful companion.

If you can help Ruthie find a new forever loving home, contact Rachel at copper758@yahoo.com
or call Chris at (518) 753 - 7791 and she will get the message to me.

Thank you.

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