Wednesday, May 5, 2010

SOS for No-Kill Shelter in Kansas

Effective immediately, The Pet Connection is closing its adoption center Mondays through Fridays until enough money can be raised to reopen. We will still be open on weekends and adoptions can be done by appointment during the week. In the past three months we have been under extensive scrutiny from several different agencies. We have been inspected by the state veterinary board, the state animal health department, the fire department, and the city because of “anonymous complaints” or “routine inspections”. We may have made someone mad or it may all just be a strange coincidence, but either way, we have needed to use the majority of our time and resources handling these repeated inspections. Lawyer fees and extra staff time have drained our bank account.

We need help to raise enough money to reopen our doors. We want to continue to help the thousands of animals we help each year through our adoption center and clinic. We want to continue to provide assistance to other rescue shelters and rescue groups so that they can help more pets. But we also need to prepare ourselves in case we need to shut our doors forever. As hard as it is, we are currently no longer taking in cats or large dogs to prepare ourselves in case we have to close for good. Many organizations and animals rely on our care.

With enough money we can re-open our doors to the public every day and can begin taking in dogs and cats into our shelter again. This bump in the road only has to be a small set back to the overall good that we provide to this community.

Please contact Melody Kelso and/or Jason Huff for details on how to help and/or for details on an informational meeting that will be held in the next few days to explain the circumstances to those interested. Donations can be made at;
or by coming to our facility. Jack 105 will be having a live remote at our facility on Saturday from 10A-12N to help raise needed sponsorships. Address: 5918 Broadmoor, Mission. KS 66202.

Melody Kelso, Executive Director 913-575-9826

Jason Huff, Board Member 913-575-9401

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