Tuesday, May 11, 2010

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Dr. Phil Confronts Animal Abusers
Dr. Phil’s show today, Tuesday May 11, 2010 is confronting animal abusers. Thanks Dr. Phil for bringing animal abuse to America’s attention.

Big Industry too big to Stop
A recent CNN investigation discovered Pfizer too big to nail for selling drugs without FDA approval. Pfizer paid a fine, but escaped true prosecution literally because of the massive size of the company. With numerous multi-national mega corporations buying into pet food, is Big Pet Food untouchable just like Big Pharma?

FDA Warning Letter regarding Diabetic Pet Drug
FDA warning letter to Intervet Inc. (division of Merck & Co) states Intervet did not report adverse drug events of Vetsulin as required by law. The FDA warning letter was posted May 4, 2010. Caution to pet owners of diabetic dogs and cats.

Report states National Policy lacking to Protect Humans from Environmental Risks
While the President’s Cancer Panel 2008-2009 Annual Report Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk did not mention any specific risks or recommended action for animals, there is much to learn from this report. Certainly our pets are just as much at risk from environmental hazards as humans and as pointed out in this report, much needs to be done to protect all of us.


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