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Update" Matt England / NC Dog-Dragging Case / Gaston Co., NC

UPDATE: July 13, 2010 / Crossposting

Fellow Animal Lovers,

Whether you live in NC or not, I am cross posting this to you to give you
the opportunity to speak your mind and give support to our little fur balls
who can't defend themselves. This sorry specimen of humanity in NC is going
to trial this week for the abuse and death of two companion animals. I
would love to do to him what he did to these pitties.

I would love to know what makes someone tick that does this sort of thing.
Can you imagine what he would do to a child or another helpless human.

I ask you to send out far and wide and Speak Up and Out to ensure that this
oxygen thief gets as much as the law will allow. Which by the way is not
enough and will never be until, our society stops looking at pets as

Don't let him get away with a "no no" don't do that" lecture. See websites
below for Contacts!!!!

Louise Gallagher

Easley, SC

Sent: Mon, Jul 12, 2010 4:41 am


We NEED to have public officials SEE us and HEAR us when we say that THIS IS
INEXCUSABLE !! Spread the word ( PLEASE ) and get as many people as we can
to show their support for animals. This guy's going to trial this week ~
let's be there ~ either in person or show your support via the internet or
phone calls !! Let's make sure the judge knows we want the maximum
punishment that the law will allow.

In case you haven't heard, this POS plead NOT GUILTY last week!!! I guess he
thinks eyewitnesses (including the woman he beat up for trying to stop him)
don't count for much! But of course, this is Gaston County so PLEASE let's
do whatever we can to make sure he's not right... It would really help if
you'd join me in x-posting this, calling the prosecutors, post to your
pages, yell from the rooftops, everything you can think of! This guy is the
stuff every worst nightmare is made of.

Here's the most recent article I could find:

He goes to trial this week - we really need to keep the pressure up or we'll
see this one walk, too. :( If you do anything in the way of contacting
media or politicians, from Bev Perdue on down to locals, please be sure to
stress the fact that to add insult to injury, Reggie Horton (the Animal Control guy)
released the 2'nd dog back to this lunatic, stating that he didn't require medical
attention. After being dragged by a truck for half a mile and then beaten
and then HUNG over a railing......yeah, Horton needs to be the director of
Gaston AC (or anyplace where the lives of animals hang on his judgment),
perfect choice. In a more perfect world, England ends up behind bars and
Horton ends up at the Unemployment Office!

All NC:

Gaston Gazette

Phone: 704-869-1700 Toll Free: 800-273-3315


John Clark is the photographer covering this!

Charlotte Observer

(704) 358-5000

CBS WBTV in Charlotte channel 3


ABC WSOC in Charlotte channel 9


NBC WCNC in Charlotte 36


USA Today/Gannett News Service

Pet Talk columnist: Sharon Peters


Charlotte Observer

Joe DePriest


Charlotte Observer

Eric Frazier

I just took a look online at the Gaston Co courts schedule. Matt England is scheduled for a morning court appearance on July 2, 2010. It's case #2010055096, in room 004A, assault on a female (misdemeanor) and it lists 2 cruelty to animals (felony) charges (falls under statute 14.360(B)). The courthouse is open 8am-5p daily so the sessions start at 8am. The address for the courthouse is 325 North Marietta St, Gastonia, NC 28052 (just west of Charlotte) 704-852-3100. It would be great if we could get a delegation of animal rights and/or welfare advocates to show up at these court dates to speak out for the animals. The nearest large city to Gastonia is the Charlotte area so hopefully we can find someone or some org near there to go. There is a good possibility that the girlfriend Matt England assaulted wil drop the charges but it is our hope that we can compell the DA to press on with the animal cruelty charges. Do not let them tell you they cant for they surely can, if they want to. Here is a case that needs our careful attention!

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