Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Convicted Dog Fuk'r Gets 30 Days in Jail but Has to Wait 2 yrs. Before he can Own or Fuk His Own Dogs Again

The guy was a member of one of these

And he likes to dress like this;

His known victims were two Malamutes;

Beautiful, highly intelligent dogs they are, my fathers favorite breed. He had one as a child growing up. The dogs name was Jack, a red one. He bragged about that dog until he died at the age of 84. There is a sound-bite going round somewhere in the family of him telling the story of "Sleding down Ontario St. in Cohoes Ny with Jack." NOTE TO MYSELF; See if I can get one of my kin-folk to send me the link again. If I can, I will post it here, even though I dont think I could bear to hear it again myself right now. I miss him so very much it hurts. I am glad I had a chance to have alot of good times with him in the years just before he passed.

Here is the article in full; Theres not much to it as you will see.

Man Sentenced for Having Sex with His Dogs

CHEHALIS, WA (AP) -- A Washington state man has been sentenced to 30 days in jail for having sex with his two dogs.

Troy Whitson entered an Alford plea Monday in Lewis County Superior Court, meaning he admitted no wrongdoing but acknowledged he'd likely be convicted.

The 21-year-old from the town of Cinebar is restricted from owning animals for two years.

His malamutes have been placed with new owners.

Prosecutor Michael Golden said Whitson is a member of a group known as Furries who identify with animals and dress the part in makeup, ears and tail.

Golden says Furries gather for social events but having sex with animals is not part of their normal behavior. He says two of Whitson's Furry friends witnessed the animal sex and turned him in.

Click on title above to learn more about the Furry Community. It appears as if that lawyer was wrong when he suggests to us that Furrys arent about sex...check out some of this stuff. WARNING: Some of this stuff is Not suitable for children.

This idiot judge needs a good lamblasting from the animal rights and welfare folk. I say lets let him have it!

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