Thursday, June 4, 2009

HSUS v. / Supporting Animal Cruelty & The Animal Enterprize Exploitation Act / Tax

Click on title above to read a wonderful article about the above mentioned case by an attorney for the ALDF;

*This lawsuit is an example of the GOOD that the Big Money Mother Orgs do, but oh I think they could do sooo much more with their million dollar budgets. How about initiating legislation that would TAX all breeders for every life they create, and put that revenue towards creating a nationwide chain of no-kill shelters, stables or rescues, or to support the existing ones? We could call it "The Animal Enterprize Exploitation Act / Tax."

Since we cant tell anybody not to breed PERIOD without going afoul of the "free-enterprize" thing, the least we can do is to make it less lucrative.....The tax would act as a dis-incentive to over-breeding. Can that be a bad thing, I ask?

I know the breeders are going to let me have it for suggesting this, but hey, breeders ARE the problem here, big AND small. Of course,
those who do alot of breeding wont like this idea at all. Simple solution: cut way down on the breeding and find new ways to earn income. Diversify. Its the human(e) & right thing to do.


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