Friday, June 26, 2009

Seal Alert-SA, Media Release 25 June 2009

Good News for Seals! Thanks for all your hard work Anti-Furs!

Seal Alert-SA in Talks to Buy-out Namibian Sealing Industry,
end the Seal Cull and Save Cape fur seal Species

Days before the world's largest seal cull is about to begin on 1 July. Francois Hugo of Seal Alert-SA receives offer from Namibia's last seal skin buyer, Hatem Yavuz to purchase Namibia's sealing industry lock, stock and barrel.

Talks are underway, and Seal Alert-SA plans to after ending the seal cull in Namibia, turn the sealing factories into Seal Museum's for tourists, any revenue obtained to go towards scientific research on Cape fur seals to assist Namibian government further its protection of this species. I have asked for the seal cull to be halted whilst discussions and agreements are being finalized.

Thereafter I will turn my attention to returning seals to extinct former seal islands and assist Namibia where ever possible to protect this species.

Seal Alert-SA also publicly appealing for any financial partners to come forward to help to make this a reality.

Its right for Namibia, the Namibian Sealers, the fur buyer and the Cape fur seals - and the world will be pleased.

South Africa stopped its seal cull in 1990, and with this development the commercial culling of this species will be for the history books, ending 500 years of cruelty.

For the Seals
Francois Hugo Seal Alert-SA
27-21-790 8774

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