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Pet Odor Problems? Dr. Jon Can Help.

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Article by Dr Jon;

Do you have a pet urine odor problem in your home? If not, consider yourself lucky! You are an exception rather than the rule.

Many pet owners struggle with this problem. In fact, pet odors are one of the MOST frustrating aspects of pet ownership. (When we ask dog owners what they like least about their pets, one of the top answers is, "odors".)

Because pet-related odors can be so frustrating, I've searched high and low to find the solution: a product that will remove pet odors.

A while back, I heard about a product called Zero Odor. I heard that it was good, but I wanted to find out for myself. So I asked some of our pet owners to test Zero Odor. I found some people with real odor problems and asked them to test it. Then I asked them to tell me what they thought of the product, and to be as honest as possible because I wanted the truth.

To find the right test group, I asked some of our pet owners to tell me about their odor problems.

Marianne Pfister wrote this ...

Dr. Jon,

I really need this pet odor product. I am ready to rip up my wall-to-wall carpet. We have tried everything from soaking the carpet in vinegar, ammonia, carpet cleaning product and even peeling back the carpet and replacing the wood and the padding in the offensive section.

What happened is we had a cat with chronic urinary infections who could not always make it to the litter box, so she chose a spot right under the dining room table. The cat died 2 years ago and after rigorous cleaning the smell subsided except in the humidity.

We now have 2 dogs and one of them favors this same spot to urinate on occasion and the smell has become overwhelming. We would welcome the trial of this product to help us eliminate the returning odor.

If it was in a corner or a hidden part of the room, we could take it up and replace it with some of the remnant we have left but since it is right smack in the middle under the dining room table, that would be impossible.

Marianne Pfister, East Islip New York

We thought Marianne had a bad odor problem, so we sent her some Zero Odor to test.

Here's what she had to say after the test:

Dr. Jon,

As I mentioned before one our dogs were urinating in the dining room. We tried everything from soaking the carpet in vinegar, ammonia, carpet cleaning product. Zero Odor REALLY seems to work best. It has been 2 weeks and the dogs have not chosen that spot to relieve themselves any more. We can now use the dining room to eat and have no offensive odor. Thank you so much!

Marianne Pfister

Now, it has been over a year since we asked Marianne to test Zero Odor. Knowing that some products may seem to work at first but then they just don't measure up, we decided it was time to check back with Marianne to see whether or not her opinion of this product had changed.

So my team just got in touch with Marianne and guess what? There have been no accidents at all since she used Zero Odor! That really is great news.

Pet odors can be frustrating and they can really take away from the many wonderful aspects of pet ownership. If you have a pet odor problem, I encourage you to give Zero Odor a try.
One more thing ... if your dog or cat is suddenly urinating in a new location, the best thing to do is to take them to your veterinarian. Don't assume it is a behavioral problem. Many pets will urinate in different locations due to a variety of medical problems. Please make sure it is not a medical issue before assuming it is a behavioral problem.

Until next time,

Dr. Jon

P.S. Right now is offering Zero Odor at $3.00 off the regular retail price. This is our most popular product ... and people just love it. Try it and see for yourself ... and save $3.

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