Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Holstein Needs a Home, asap or will DIE

Sent: Tuesday, June 02, 2009 4:09 PM
Moorehead, KY - DIES FRI 6/5!! - Stolen from Shelter!! - RESCUE now URGENT for HOLSTEIN, Amer. Bulldog!! - Trans Anywhre in US!!!

Holstein is a shelter dog stolen from the shelter one night, and then later found. He had many gashes and wounds on the lower half of his body where the thieves pulled him under the fence which tore him up pretty bad. He has been recovering at vet for a month now. NOBODY will take him.

He LOVES people and showers you with kisses. This is the beautiful boy who was STOLEN FROM THE POUND, and injured as he was DRAGGED through the fence. He was finally found, chained in a pen!

Jan will transport him ANYWHERE in the US!!

Please crosspost this to the MOON & BACK!! We desperately need to move this big boy. Please give Holstein a happy ending!

*Contact ASAP jandacci@roadrunner.com AND staradoptions@yahoo.com

News story on Holstein and Jake http://www.wkyt.com/home/headlines/43307362.html

Holstein's petfinder link (Click on title above to go there)

Date: Sat, May 30, 2009 at 11:01 AM
Morehead, KY - RESCUE NOW URGENT for HOLSTEIN! - Amer. Bulldog -Please help!


HOLSTEIN, Gorgeous Am. Bulldog, URGENTLY needs a RESCUE; this is the beautiful boy who was stolen from the pound and injured as he was dragged through the fence. He was finally found, chained in a pen, and taken to the vet immediately for treatment of his injuries and infections. He is slipping through the cracks! Please give Holstein a happy ending! He is a sweet, loving boy in URGENT NEED of RESCUE!

**CONTACT: staradoptions@yahoo.com (at yahoo.com).

Holstein is at the vets and is running up a huge board bill. and he is miserable. He is a big 80 lb. dog, and the runs at the clinic are very small. He needs a very experienced rescue ASAP!

Holstein was the American Bulldog that was stolen from the pound. We recovered both Holstein and Jake the beagle. Jake has since gone to rescue with Beagle911 and has recovered beautifully and is so happy. Poor Holstein is falling through the cracks.

If a qualified rescue does not step up soon for him, we may have to make a decision that we DO NOT want to make:( (we feel sick even thinking about it) It's not fair to him to languish in a small kennel at the vets after everything he has been through.

Sue has contacted Best Friends several times and gotten absolutely NO response (no surprise there). Jan has spent hours and hours and hours and many sleepless nights seeking rescues for him to no avail. I have posted and posted with no luck. :(

*CONTACT: staradoptions@yahoo.com (at yahoo.com).

Jan will transport him ANYWHERE in the US!!

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