Thursday, June 3, 2010

Animals Ag and Cruelty Go Hand-in-Hand

Earlier today (someone) posted a comment on one of Troy Hadrick's pro-ag pages;

(which he, of course deleted) asking him why the Ag industry doesn't take a tougher stance against producers like Conklin Dairy Farm in Union Co. Ohio;
. ..."When the industry doesn't voluntarily shut down producers like Conklin and take tough action against them, it makes the entire industry look... bad as they appear not to care enough to penalize these obviously corrupt producers. Another example was the Wiles Hog Farm case where the HFA shot an undercover video of obvious animal abuses. Instead of reprimanding Wiles for the obvious abuses, the Ohio Pork producers gave Wiles $10,000 to help pay for his legal bills! So, the industry's claims that these abuses aren't common practice/acceptable within the industry simply doesn't hold water. You can't say you are against the abuse and then not do anything about it. "

Ohio Pork Producers Help Wiles Farm;

USDA Ohio Ignores Cruelty and Neglect Call;

Humane Watch: Anti-Animals

Who is Humane Watch?

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