Monday, June 7, 2010

Gulf Coast Fishermen Shit Out of Luck and I'm So Fucking Glad

These are the same folk who are screaming to get the 6mo moratorium on off-shore drilling lifted. In the Gulf Coast, if you dont make a living exploiting the sea you are working for BP. No wonder they want them to continue on with the oil-drilling business as usual....Rather than start the drilling back up BEFORE any real safety inspections can be done, what say we get our govt to do something IN REAL LIFE to make BP pay their full losses? Can you spell R-E-C-E-I-V-E-R-S-H-I-P NOW? How about we ask our govt to take all those out of work people and create for them a consumate number of green jobs for them right there in their own home towns? They could certainly use a few more clean-up crews down there. Here is a way that would allow them to help themselves while they are waiting for BP to pay. How about we ask our govt to TAKE THE LEAD in striving to make America a leader in "going green?" Know what I mean? There can be no inbetween. The moratoruim is the first right step and I got to give oBOMBa his props for that. I hope he holds firm on this.

BP Gulf Coast Oil Spill and a Silver Lining After All

As compassionate earth and animal lovers all over the world watch in horror and with broken hearts as sensitive coastlines, ecosystems and all its wildlife and every living thing is destroyed by the latest oil spill, we are told by authorities that there is a silver lining in all of this after all, and that is, they say,…that there are valuable lessons to be learned from this that can be acted upon to prevent any future such disasters,..and also that it might just be the catalyst we need to compel us ontowards a more real committment to the persuit of alternative energy and "going green."

While the Powers-That-Be (PTB) ask Americans to “look on the bright side” of this catostrophic disaster, we of the kind whos hearts BLEED for the earth and the animals and every living innocent thing, fail to see any "bright side" of this preventable man made disaster of which we may never fully recover, maybe the fact that that those blood-sport lovers and hunters and fishermen types who had previously made their living off of exploitin every living thing will be no longer able to carry on their bloody business as usual. Its just a shame that the creatures had to die from oil exploitation to save themselves from the exploitation of fishermen and trappers. They are DEAD anyway you look at it, and so is the fishermans trade in the GC., and I for one, AM NOT ashamed to say that I have no sympathy for them and am GLAD that at least some degree of DEVINE JUSTICE was had, BLAST their bloodthirsty souls and love of $$$ over life.

I just hope they will have learned their lessons well and the next venture they enter into as a means of supporting themselves will not be based on any exploitation of the earth or the animals. It is long past the time to evolve beyond such things and start to appreciate what Mother Nature has blessed us with and strive to preserve and protect her gifts instead of to use them for our own financial gain.

We would all do well to remember that not only is it “not nice” to fool mother nature, is “not nice” to exploit her on such a grand scale either. If you must use her for your own nurishment,take what you need and leave the rest. The gifts she bestows upon the earth are made to be protected and preserved and enjoyed by all, not meant to be exploited for any one persons or companys personal or financial gain. That the fishermen and other exploiters of the sea were stopped dead in their tracks by this catastrophic tragedy is the ONLY silver lining I can see. What say you rest of the world? Ha Ha! AS IF I really care.

PS To the Louisiana Oyster-man distraught cause he cant exploit oysters no more,..and he cant read or write, and is wondering what he is going to do with the rest of his life in order to make a living, here is the silver lining of your dark cloud: oBOMBa will pay you to go back to school;

If that dont work, try this;

and after you have educated yourself a little, perhaps you will go about in your endeavors attempting to make the world a better place by helping to STOP animal and earth exploitation and do some GOOD for the world for a change instead of pillaging it for your own personal gain.. Either that or go to work for BP.

6/21/2010 Dead & Injured Wild Life Report
Wildlife Foundation, the "Death Toll Keepers" of the Gulf Coast Oil Spill (GCOS), reports 1,600 dead birds so far,
21 sea-turtes survive out of hundreds found dead at sea, and 20 of these 21 had fish hooks embedded in them, and you know who we got to thank for that.

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