Sunday, June 13, 2010

Write Brooke Shields Publicist

Hey folks,

Just another reminder for those who haven't yet written Brooke Shields publicist [or perhaps are new to the group] - I'm forwarding the information so that your able to go ahead and do that.

Here is a 'sample letter' that you can cut and paste to use - if you so choose.

Attn- Brooke Shields

It is difficult to fathom how anyone in a modern day civilized society can still wear fur...a product of a CRUEL industry.

As a celebrity, you should be using your influence to improve
the world, not indulge yourself in grotesque fantasies.

Undoubtedly you are aware of the fact that fur doesn't just grow on
trees, but comes off the backs and lives of sentient beings who are
denied their time on earth due to the vanity, and sheer greed of certain people.

Please Miss Shields, I am asking you to rethink your position on your public endorsement of the fur industry.

And until you do -- I'm afraid that my family and I will have no choice but to ensure that we are no longer supportive of any projects, products, foundations etc that you may be associated with.


[insert name]


thanks guys,


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