Monday, June 14, 2010

ASPCA, Animal Law Coalition Opposing Oreos Law?

There are so many forces at work with trying to get Oreo’s Law passed. The ASPCA and the Mayor’s Alliance, both charged with saving animals and given millions of dollars to do so, are pouring money and resources into defeating the bill, ensuring that they continue to control which animals live and die in New York City and throughout the state.

It’s a classic David versus Goliath proposition, and Goliath is winning. They’ve convinced the chairman of the Agriculture Committee (Robert Magee) to table the bill because the “language isn’t clear.” What part of “if a qualified rescue requests an animal that would otherwise be euthanized the request must be fulfilled” don’t they understand?

Emails and calls are pouring into Magee’s office and the other members of both the Senate and Assembly Agriculture committees are getting them as well. Animal lovers and voters are making it clear that they will hold these people responsible for the innocent lives that will be lost should this bill die in committee.

I have been watching the email servers at the Senate and the Assembly, and they are bogged down with emails to the point where we have to send over and over again to get them through. This is fantastic! Keep it up, my friends. In a election year that has a tremendous anti-incumbent sentiment we need to let them know that we’re watching, we vote, and we will blame them for the lives that would be lost should this bill be passed.

Ed Sayres of the ASPCA, Jane Hoffman of the Mayor’s Alliance, and groups like the Animal Law “Coalition” have poured money and lobbyist time into killing this bill. Let’s show them that in the end the PEOPLE of New York decide the POLICIES of New York, not some power hungry elitists with our money spilling out of their pockets.
I, Matt DeAngelis, promise that should Mr. Magee table this bill I will personally pour my own personal time, energy and money into ensuring he is defeated this November, WHEN HE IS UP FOR RE-ELECTION.

We need you loyal supporters. Go to this page:

And send emails to the Ag Committee members letting them know this is their last chance to choose life over politics. Urge them to vote YES in getting the bill out of committee, rather than tabling it like our opponents want to do.

Please…do it now. If you’d rather call, please do. But do it today. This is our last chance (all the assembly phone numbers can be found here:
Call and email friends and tell them to do it too.

Thanks. Together we have made such a tremendous difference in the lives of companion animals, and here is an amazing opportunity to save thousands. PLEASE. Act now.