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Support Chinas Animal Rescuers

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Sun Jun 6, 2010 4:17 pm (PDT)

Hello everyone,
As you all may know, I work with people in China, helping them form animal groups (several now), and they become more active, the needs grow as well. The web I am working to display some of the groups I am actually helping: Stray cats and dogs in China also end up in the fur/meat trade. This is also the main reason I made all the efforts to work with groups in China.

ACTASIA is a well established animal organization in China, and I am now connected with them as well and have sent them vet equipments. They do excellent work helping stray animals and if you could spare $6 to send them in this desperate effort, rest assured they will put it to very good use.

From: Pei F. Su
Sent: Sunday, June 06, 2010 6:33 PM
To: Rosa Close
Subject: Emergency call for vets on cats

Hi Rosa

I assume that you have received an appeal to you a few days before. Is it possible for you to post this appeal in your forum or sent it out to your contacts in People for Chinese Animals? Despite your generous support we still have not raise enough funding to undertake this project in July. We are desperately hoping to have 1000 people to donate US$6 each to enable us to conduct this project. We appreciate very much for your help by circulating this appeal for us. I have also attached this appeal in PDF format, just in case you need it.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

With best regards

Begin forwarded message:

From: ACTAsia for Animals

Date: 3 June 2010 18:54:18 GMT+01:00


Subject: Emergency call for vets on cats



Sadly, there are hundreds of thousands of stray cats in China. In Beijing alone there are 20,000 living in truly awful conditions on the streets. Usually these cats are abandoned pets. They are often sick, get injured in traffic accidents and are even killed by the government in the most inhumane way.

More spays, less strays
Luckily the number of cat rescue groups in China is growing. Their aim is for a structural and animal friendly solution to the stray problem by setting up neutering programmes. For this to be effective, the cooperation of veterinarians is essential. Vets set an important example in the way animals are treated and promote the acceptance of neutering amongst the public. They need to learn advanced surgical skills and medical and ethical principles to apply to their daily practice – for the benefit of animal welfare.

So, in 2009, we started a training programme for animal-friendly vets. Together with experienced members of Australia’s ‘Vets Beyond Borders’ we trained 28 vets and their assistants in Beijing and Shenzhen. The results were fantastic - the number of neutering operations in participating vet clinics has increased by over 60% and the number of clinics that provide free neutering has increased by 40%. Vets reported fewer complications and quicker recovery of animals thanks to the use of painkillers and reduced peri-operative stress. Vet associations and the Ministry of Agriculture in Beijing have asked us to expand our training this year. A new, unique feature is to ‘train the trainers’ for greater impact across China. We don’t want to let the strays down now we’ve come so far, so we’re asking for your help.

Time for the “inconvenient truth” …we just can’t do it without you.

It’s simple – we need 1000 people to donate $6 each.
Then – we can make it happen.

Please forward this message to as many people as you can – the more people we can reach, the more animals we can help.

Thank you,
Pei F. Su
Executive Director
ACTAsia for Animals
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