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Cobb County, Georgia / Animal Rights Activists

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Subject: Cobb County, GA: Cobb County Animal Advocates Questionnaire answered by candidates for the Cobb County Board of Commissioners

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Subject: Cobb County Animal Advocates Questionnaire answered by candidates for the Cobb County Board of Commissioners
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2010 17:24:57 -0400

Cobb County Animal Advocates (CCAA) is a citizen activist organization of hundreds of Cobb County voters who are highly-motivated animal advocates. Our primary mission is to engage leaders within Cobb County government and Cobb County Animal Control to transform our community into a No-Kill Cobb, and to effect specific improvements in the county's policies and operations regarding the welfare of the animals in its care. We have an Action Plan that outlines a proven, budget-neutral approach to animal control that has been successfully implemented in communities around the nation, and which enables well over 90% of the animals to be successfully adopted.

On Wednesday, June 16, 2010, Cobb County Animal Advocates sent a Candidate Questionnaire to all of the candidates running for positions on the Cobb County Board of Commissioners - including both candidates for Chairman of the Cobb County Board of Commissioners. We asked them to complete and return the Candidate Questionnaire by 6pm on Wednesday, June 23, 2010. Â We followed up with a reminder notice on Monday, June 21, 2010.

Most of the candidates chose to participate, and CCAA sincerely thanks those that did. In alphabetical order by first name,Cobb County Animal Advocates received responses from JoAnn Birrell, Larry Savage, Leonard Church, Stephen Moon, and Tim Lee. We did not receive responses from Earl Stine or Helen Goreham, but hope they'll choose to respond soon. Â If they do respond, we'll post their responses on our website.

Please go to the Cobb County Animal Advocates website, and click on the link to the Candidate Questionnaire. Below each question are the answers from the candidates who chose to participate, and they're listed together so that it's easy to compare their answers.

Cobb County Animal Advocates:

Candidate Questionnaire:

Help us make the welfare of the animals we love so much a significant issue in the July 20th, 2010 primary elections. Please vote for candidates who have the courage to fight for the best interests of these helpless animals - candidates who won't turn away while these poor creatures are killed. Hold the candidates accountable to our shared conviction that we must protect the animals in the care of our local government. The animals have no voice of their own with which to protest, so you must lend them your own voice. As you vote on July 20th, remember that in 2009, Cobb County Animal Control killed 5963 dogs and cats - plus 1666 wild animals, and use your vote to give life to the animals that still live.

Please forward this email far and wide, and post it to Facebook and Twitter, so that the citizens of Cobb County and elsewhere will know that people of every political philosophy and affiliation are standing together, unified in action and voice, to save our helpless animals.

If you have not already joined Cobb County Animal Advocates, please go to our website and sign up to support our Action Plan. Â It costs nothing, and is the most effective way to make your voice heard by our community's leaders.

Thank you!
Chris Benson
Cobb County Animal Advocates

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