Friday, June 11, 2010


Michael Shepherd June 11, 2010 at 4:57am
Facebook Trying to Shut it down! Asking For "Details." Please send ASAP!
Facebook is asking for "more details." We have revised our email to answer those details. We are asking you to cut and paste and send this revised email
<>Dear Facebook,You have recently removed one of the most important groups Facebook has ever seen:Fuck off China - Stop Eating Cats and Dogs:
The group represents 1.5 years of hard work.This group helps the brutal torture and human consumption of dogs and cats in China. This group has been active for over a year now and has 70,000 active members. The title contains the words "F*ck off..." If you do a search on Facebook for groups containing those words, you will come up with hundreds of groups with those exact words! There is a "Fuck off Japan...Leave the Whales Alone" :
That contains almost 1/2 a million people! The words "Fuck off..." are protected under freedom of speech. They are “offensive” only to some. The word is in the dictionary! Shall we pull dictionaries off the shelf?You can find everything from Fuck off Obama, to Fuck off Islam on Facebook! Why do you allow these groups, and go after animal rights groups? Groups that act for, and have achieved positive change for the animals of China who are brutally tortured and eaten. If you need a visual of this, please see:;
Why are you choosing to delete such an important and effective group for animals rights? Is animal rights not protected under free speech? Are we not allowed to defend the dogs and cats of China that have no voice?Please re-instate this group immediately or I will report what you are allowing under "Fuck off..." and that you are singling out animal rights groups that do nothing but tell the truths of brutality and torture in our world.I will scream this to the list of media that has been sent to me, and this will not look good on Facebook's part at all. Animals do have a voice, and that voice should be allowed to be heard on Facebook!Regards,

<>Thank you everyone for your overwhelming support! I've said it once, and again I will say that we have the "best" and most "devoted" members Facebook has ever seen!`

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